Winter Rundown- 2018

No one needs a reminder of how long this past winter was. But if you enjoy some winter activities, this sure was a winter to remember!

The earliest we could remember the lake freezing was December 20th in 1980! This year came close to that, just ask the brave New Years Day Polar Plunge divers who went charging into the icy lake! 

That also meant an early start for ice fishers who didn’t waste a minute. They were  even spotted out on the ice through the end of March. We’re you out there this year? What’d ya catch?? 

On top of the ice was lots and lots of snow. Our Winter Carnival was as good as ever, with all kinds of races and events taking place right on the frozen lake. Visitors clenched hot chocolates (myself included) as they walked out to get a better view of the spectacle. 

Our guests raved of the conditions of the snowmobile trails, hopping right on them from their rooms here.  The trails zig and zag throughout the Adirondack Mountains, and you can get on the lake in just a short ride.

And not to be forgotten the skiers had a fantastic year! Gore Mountain had 115” of total snowfall. Plenty of fresh powder to go around, meant trails open for everyone. Some glades were even open before New Year’s for those skiers who like to go in between the trees.

So while this past winter was long, cold, and did I say long already? It was most importantly a lot of fun for everyone, no matter what your winter hobby of choice. Thanks to all our guests for spending time with us and enjoying the winter wonderland that is Lake George with us. See you all next year!